Linday's recently added poems:

Holding On

I am fingering
These tissue paper thin moments,
This gleam of sunlight
While dark skies loom ahead.

The clouds are gathering.
Your skin is warm and dry.
Gently, tenderly I hold you
Before the darkness.

And when the sky splits,
Peeling apart like orange segments
And the rain crashes down
I will still be holding you.

Continental Storm

When the rain died down
and the sky grew lighter,
we ventured out, as if survivors
of some dreadful accident.

The landscape had become
glossier, more distinct.
Rinsed from dust, the air
smelt of wet young leaves.

We roved the vineyards,
watched the water run down
the dusky purple globes,
drop to the thirsty soil.

We stood, irresolute,
just as we had stood
when bathed in sudden light,
in the eye of the storm.

Still Waiting

We met so many years ago;
It seems like yesterday.
The café where we’d planned to sit
Was full – we didn’t stay.

We found another place to eat
And settled there instead,
Although I said it was a shame,
Another time, you said.

We did not know what I know now –
How time can sap the will.
The café where we didn’t stay
Is waiting for us still.